SG Partner Team

Thank you for partnering with Satellite Gaming!


Satellite Gaming has a mission of pointing students to Jesus Christ by building relationships through video games.

With over 3 billion people playing video games every year, and over 97% of youth in the US playing video games in the last week, it is imperative that we pursue this demographic as a mission field. Your partnership with SG creates opportunity to do just that. 

Opportunities such as…

  • Up to 18 Weekly Programs
  • Esports Events with up to 120 competitors
  • Global ministry that has served 150 leaders from 70+ countries
  • Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Discipleship
  • Positive Online Community
  • Curriculum and Training that prepares others to execute our mission

For more information about how donated funds are used, or to designate a donation for a certain purpose, please contact with the subject line “SG Donation”

To partner by check:

Satellite Gaming 1467 Jodelle Ct N. Keizer OR