About SG

Satellite Gaming certainly loves the idea of bringing students together over the common interest of video games, however, being a part of Satellite Gaming is about so much more. The Satellite Gaming Team loves video games, students, and Jesus.

SG’s Mission

Pointing students to Jesus Christ by building relationships through video games.

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SG’s Pillars:

Community, eSports, & Faith


SG’s community events are all about creating bully free spaces where students compete and parents learn

  • Nerd culture/video game educational workshops for families and community members
  • eSports tournaments for students
  • Introduction to Satellite Gaming

Community events happen in partnership with the public sector (city, school district, parks and rec, etc.). The SG team does not proselytize at community events.

eSports/Video Game Culture

SG hosts competitive events and build’s positive culture around video games

  • Monthly competitive gaming events
  • Leagues with weekly leaderboard
  • After school programs
  • etc.


Satellite Gaming has a desire to point students to the person of Jesus Christ by…

  • Building relationships
  • Making ourselves available to answer questions about Jesus
  • Hosting student leader meetings where stories of Jesus ‘character and personality are observed through scripture (New Testament and Old Testament)
  • Inviting students to camps and events with local churches and ministries
  • Praying with students
  • Demonstrating the love of Jesus

Satellite Gaming will present a gospel message at private events that are not directly promoted by local school districts.

Our Team

Satellite Gaming has a growing team. Here are a few faces you might see around…

Jamie HArris

Jamie HArris

Founder and CEO

Nathan TampLen

Nathan TampLen

Director of Local Impact

David Miller

David Miller

Director of Training and Education

Jessica Harris

Jessica Harris

Administrator and "Mom"

We rely on over 70 volunteers with each community event and a solid team of regular, weekly volunteers.

Thank you to all who participate!