Satellite Gaming creates bully free environments where students compete and parents learn. We do this by hosting community events, running after school programs and building relationships with local schools and churches in hopes to share life with students.

Satellite Gaming Community Event Winter 2018… Help us create community for these awesome nerds ^^^

I (Jamie) am excited about what lies ahead for Satellite Gaming. I love the events, the games, the lights, music and prizes, but nothing excited me more than watching students (fellow nerds to be exact) crawl out of their houses, their bedrooms and basements to play video games shoulder to shoulder with their peers.

Through this blog we hope to provide you with information on not just SG, but on video game culture and its current events. We will address a plethora of topics that will help parents reach the gamer student, teach students how to pursue career paths, update you on what games we love and hopefully encourage you to help us reach the world of young gamers. Here are some topics we hope to address in the near future and a little snippet of our perspective on each topic:

COMMUNITY: Why reach gamers?

There is a huge need for gamers to be reached. Speaking VERY directly our society does plenty for teen athletes, musicians, artists, writers, singers and even the intellectually blessed and book worms… but what have we done to reach gamers and provide them with a connection to community? Nearly nothing. Young gamers are thirsting for attention, love and relationships. We wonder why gamers are so reclusive, bullied and detached from the community, yet we do nothing to reach them. We hear stories of depressed gamers and we so quickly blame the video games. It’s time that we, as adult figures in our community, take responsibility for these saddening statistics around depression. We have not provided gamers with the same connection to community that we have given young football players and Satellite Gaming aims to change that. I’ll save more details for that blog post…

GAMERS: Can I make money and potentially build a career around video games?

Absolutely. There are many career opportunitiies such as designing video games, playing video games professionally or creating content for Youtube, Twitch and other platforms.

PARENTS/FAMILIES: How do I relate to my teenage gamer?

There is much to discuss here… Without direction and relationship people can be easily sucked in to video games and prioritize them above family and friendships. We believe video games can be a tool for enhancing life’s journey if used properly. I can’t wait to discuss this topic and more.

RELATIONSHIPS: It’s ALL about relationships…

My relationship with Jesus has been the driving force that leaves me with a desire to reach young gamers. I know not all that read this or participate in Satellite Gaming share in my faith, but I hope at the very least you share in my desire to reach these students and provide them with some sense of community.

The point of this blog is to fight the statistics that show gamers are depressed… to fight the statistics that show “nerds/gamers” are the primary targets for bullies… to realize that a student shouldn’t have to be an amazing athlete to be appreciated by the community. We will have fun, we will talk about nerdy things and the like, but most importantly we will educate you on how to create community around young people and video games.

Until next time, nerds,

Jamie “Zeefles” Harris