Summer of Nerd

What is Summer of Nerd?

Hey guys! It’s Jamie AKA Zeefles here! I wanted to share a quick story with you.. 

At the beginning of the social distancing era, I got a little anxious… Ok… maybe a lot anxious. We were running more after-school programs than ever before, and we were getting ready for our summer event (can I get some Fs in the chat for SG Summer 2020)… Suddenly… we were all asked to stay home. Well, I was a little depressed… and had to fill my time with some sort of positive experience. I decided to pick up an old past-time, and turn it into an actually hobby… Drawing. I started by taking a class on Udemy (This class: After seeing drastic improvement, I decided to take another class on Domestika (this class: I can not tell you how much picking up a new hobby helped me feel relaxed, and accomplished during this time.

The bottom line is… The Satellite Gaming team wants this same opportunity for you… So…


Here is the plan:

We want YOU to take some sort of online course that teaches you a new hobby. Maybe you want to get into game design? Maybe you want to draw? Crochet? Build things? 

Look, we just want you to be happy, healthy, and maybe do something OTHER than play video games for 15 hours a day…

You are loved, you are awesome, and we hope you are interested. If so, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Choose a course

Step 2: Fill out the Scholarship Submission Form

  • Please prepare the following before filling out this form:
    • Have a parent or legal guardian with you
    • Provide a link to your course
    • Write a paragraph description as to why you want to take the course of your choosing, and why you think you would be a good candidate for a scolarship
  • Fill out the form here:

Step 3: Await Approval

  • The Satellite Gaming team will review your request and respond with a decision
  • Please tell your friends about this form!
  • Upon being approved, please do not forget to…
    • Track your progress
    • Tag us on Instagram (@SatelliteGG) with pictures of your progress


Consider Partnering with Satellite Gaming…

Do you want to see Satellite Gaming continue to offer opportunities like this for the students in our community? Rad… We do to…

Please consider joining our Partner Team by sending monthly financial support!

You can get more information on the SG Partner team here:

Partner Team


Looking for more? Reach out!

For any questions, please fill out our contact form or call us at 208.794.5238