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Get education on various aspects of gaming culture and our approach to creating a positive gaming community in Salem and Keizer.


Response to COVID-19

Students and Families of Satellite Gaming, After thoughtful, nerdy conversations, and prayerful consideration, our staff and board has determined what action steps we can take while our nation battles COVID-19: Our top priority is to be prayerful and supportive of...

What’s The Right Amount of Screen Time?

A question I'm asked a lot about at Satellite Gaming events is "how much should I let my kids play video games?" It's a question my wife and I have been asking as we prepare to bring a kid or kids into our home in the near future. I don't think that every family is...

The Nerdy Nugget #3: Video Games & Gaming

Video Games & Gambling This months Nerdy Nugget was inspired by an invitation Satellite Gaming received to host a table at a Marion County gambling awareness event. Our education director, Dylan J, spent some time researching the topic and put together a few...