May 19th


Doors Open at 4:30pm




For Students
– Fortnite
– Smash Bros.
– Minecraft

For Parents & Community Members


New Hope

4963 Swegle Rd NE
Salem, OR 97301

Pre-Registration for Competition

Due to increasing amounts of interest in our events, we will require pre-registration for tournaments. This will help us run our events in a way that creates the best experience for our competitors, spectators and all others involved.


This event is all about competing and spectating. We will have more ways for the audience to engage with the competitors and we will be giving prizes. Even spectators have a chance at winning the raffle Grand Prize!

Minecraft Creative

A little peak into Satellite Gaming’s “Minecraft Creative League”. 

You have 30 minutes with a team of up to 4 players, to build WHATEVER comes to your mind.

Double Eliminiation

Smash Bros. tournament standard rules. 

This one has been around since SG’s first event! Whether you are a pro, or a casual playere, there is no harm in signing up!

FN Custom Lobby

Fortnite is STILL one of the largest games on the planet! Join us for a custom lobby event.

NOTE: Fortnite is a very unique game with MANY playstyles. We always have backup plans just in case custom lobbies are down!

Parent & Family Workshops

Intro to Gaming

Jamie Harris, founder of Satellite Gaming, will share a brief workshop on his perspective of the gaming landscape. This workshop will lay the foundation for topics that will be discussed throughout the night.




Q & A/Panel

A number of experts in the field of gaming community will provide their insight on a collection of topics. They will speak to the most pressing topics of gaming culture, and answer questions you might have!

Looking for more? Reach out!

For any questions, please fill out our contact form or call us at 208.794.5238