Event Details

Upcoming Community Event

Pre-Registration Required to Compete // Spectating Encouraged!

An event open to the community. The purpose of our community events is to create an environment where students compete and parents learn. We will host a Smash Bros Wii U tournament and a Fortnite duos tournament. Parent workshops will be offered on a wide range of topics around the culture of gaming and the online world. More info and sign-up information coming soon!


November 2nd


Doors Open at 4:30pm

$5 Entry Fee / student



For Students —
Fortnite and Smash Bros. Wii U Tournament

For Parents & Community Members —
Free Workshops


Claggett Creek Middle School

1810 Alder Dr NE
Keizer, OR 97303

Pre-Registration for Competition

Due to increasing amounts of interest in our events, we will require pre-registration for tournaments. This will help us run our events in a way that creates the best experience for our competitors, spectators and all others involved.


This event is all about competing and spectating. We will have more ways for the audience to engage with the competitors and we will be giving prizes. Even spectators have a chance at winning the raffle Grand Prize!

What does my $5 get me?

  • Event entry
  • Soda
  • Odd Moe’s Pizza
  • One Raffle Ticket
  • Access to the free play area and more
  • One Fortnite Bingo Card – Details coming soon!

NOTE: To guarantee a spot in a tournament you MUST pre-register and qualify

Parent Workshops

How to Monetize Gaming

People make money playing video games? Yes. In this workshop you will hear stories of how people in Keizer have done it, and how you can help your students monetize their hobby.

Collegiate/Career eSports

Taylor Lind, eSports coach at Northwest Christian University, will join us to educate you on what this looks like, why it exists and how your student could benefit from it.

What does “After This Game” actually mean?

It can be hard to get your students attention when they are gaming. The “Pause” button is not always an option for online games. Dylan Juran will chat about what it actually means when your student says “After This Game”. We don’t want our students putting video games before their family and life responsibilities. Knowing their saving options, pausing options and good stopping points can help us in our attempt to both support and regulate their gaming time.

Looking for more? Reach out!

For any questions, please fill out our contact form or call us at 208.794.5238